Loose Ends



Loose Ends is a collection of short stories, which each consist of 20 words or  less.  Each story is complete in its own right.  They can be taken at face value or they can be used as a starting point  to develop the ideas into a longer story.  You may find that this process is thought provoking, motivational and may take you to a more positive frame of mind.

Next time you are struggling to complete a piece of work or just need a break – relax, open your copy of Loose Ends and enjoy a twenty-word story.  You never know where the story will take you!

Featured Story for this month :

His last breathe gently subsided.

The lights grew brighter

and a far more

exciting existence began.

Questions to consider :

  • What has happened?
  • What is the exciting existence?
  • What doe this imply for other people?

Do let me know how you get on with Loose Ends.  A number of  readers have been inspired to  write their own 20 word stories.  I love to read other peoples stories – please do email them to me

E : barbara@barbarahibbartcoaching.co.uk

Loose Ends can be purchased  from Amazon

Amazon 978-1532922879 

Readers will be able to buy Loose Ends on Kindle soon.


Barbara will soon be publishing two further books:

  • The first is a different version of Loose Ends – for children
  • The second is a fictional book based in the kitchen.

Watch out for further details.