Personal Coaching

What is Personal Coaching?


Personal Coaching is all about you.  It enables you to create change in specific areas of your life.  This could include changing career, changing the way that you behave or creating change in a relationship.


What happens during Coaching Sessions?


During personal coaching sessions I will work with you to  :

  • identify who and where you are
  • establish what you want to change
  • create realistic goals to achieve the required change
  • provide support while the change takes place
  • discuss how to celebrate your success


Areas I may be able to offer help and support :


Recent personal coaching clients have  :

  • built confidence to enable them to enjoy public speaking.
  • created the confidence to take a completely new career path
  • polished interview skills to gain a promotion
  • over hauled CVs to gain a new job roles
  • gained the confidence to start a new business


If you would like to create change in your life, contact me for a free initial discussion.  I may be able to help you set and achieve your goals.