Loose Ends




Loose Ends is a collection of short stories which each consist of twenty words or in some cases – even less.  Each story is complete in its own right.  However they provide an opportunity to take them at face value or develop the ideas to create a longer story.  You may find that this process is thought provoking, motivational or may take you to a more positive frame of mind.

The book includes a competition with a prize that will be awarded to the best twenty-word story received by December 2016.

Next time you are struggling to complete a piece of work or just need a break, relax, open your copy of Loose Ends and enjoy a twenty-word story.  You never know where it will take you!

One of over 60 Twenty-word stories :

His last breath gently subsided.
The lights grew brighter
and a far more
exciting existence began!

Loose Ends is available on Amazon : 978-1532922879    £7.99

It can be purchased from my book store for £9.99 inc postage and packing

Loose Ends will also soon be available on Kindle.