What is Coaching?


Coaching is the process of enhancing performance

by helping clients to achieve goals! 

The coaching process includes :

  • identify what people want to achieve
  • set realistic goals to create change
  • work with clients to make change happen
  • achieve goals
  • celebrate success

Coaching is now a widely accepted process which can be used to create change in all aspects of peoples lives.  Many companies use coaching as a standard management tool to maintain standards and enhance performance.  It is considered to be an important skill in a managers skills set.  However it is also often out-sourced – providing a level of anonymity.  Most top executives work with their own coaches who help them achieve in their work life and maintain an effective work/life balance.

Many people now work with Personal Coaches, sometimes known as Life Coaches, to help them create change in their personal lives and especially to create a positive balance between the different aspects of their lives.

Most of us have experienced coaching in some form, from quite a young age.  We may have been coached by our parents / carers at key stages in our development such as potty training, learning to ride a bike, scoring more goals when playing football or passing exams. Sometimes coaching may be informal support such as simply showing an interest and sometimes a more formal approach may be taken such as hiring a tutor or a coach.


Why might you work with a Business Coach?


‘Life is better when you have a plan!’  Stephen Covey


  • help to clarify ideas
  • support while planning and creating realistic goals
  • a sounding board for new ideas
  • a way to speed up the process of change
  • keeping goals on target and preventing procrastination
  • enabling achievement at a higher level


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