Should you be creating change in your life?


The summer holidays are now underway and for many people this is a time of change.  The holiday period often provides an opportunity to ‘break the mould’ and take time away from work and usual tasks such as getting children to school and making sure they do their homework.  Children may also be getting ready for change in September – starting school, moving to a new school, starting a job or going to university.  These changes in turn provide space for parents and carers to consider what they want to do and how to fill the spare time.


This is therefore an ideal time to review  your life and spend some time thinking about what you want to achieve.   This may be the right time to consider going back to work after a career break, change of job or completely change how you work by starting your own business!


Stage 1 – Identify your options


  • Choose a quiet moment
  • Download the attached document  – Wheel of Life – Options
  • Write down an option in the inner part of each section ie carry on as usual
  • Use the outer wheel to rate each option ie 1 = favourite, 2 = next favourite etc


Stage 2 –  Decide which option to take


  • Download and print 3 copies of  – Wheel of Life – +ve -ve
  • Identify positives of the change on one side of the circle ie less stress
  • Identify negatives on the other side of the circle – ie childcare issues
  • Use the outer ring of the wheel to identify one action to overcome each negative

ie Consult grandparents about helping with childcare



I hope you find this exercise useful?  You should now have a working document which will enable you to make a rational decision about which option(s) to explore in greater detail.



If you need any help with the process of identifying options and then eliminating unrealistic choices, please contact me for a free and informal discussion.

Are you opportunity ready?


I was recently given a lovely gift of a workshop to ‘play’ with glass and learn to make fused glass jewellery.  I really enjoyed taking a break from my business and having ‘a play day’!  I also loved the idea of creating something tangible.  After the second workshop several people asked if my jewellery was for sale and if I could make them something specific.  My answer was NO!  Even though I was extremely flattered, I wanted to guard my ‘play’ time and my jewels!


However, on reflection I realised that the ‘no’ needed to become ‘yes please’!  Here was an opportunity to continue having play days making jewellery with no outlay!   I have now created a Facebook shop to sell my jewellery  and I’m looking forward to the Christmas season of craft fairs.  Initially, I planned to keep my jewellery separate from my coaching.  Then I realised that as a coach, I advocate creating change in peoples lives – why not also create change in their jewellery boxes!


5 Things to think about when adding to your business :


  • Be open to new ideas
  • Take time to evaluate them
  • Think about how they would integrate with your existing business
  • Take time to decide how best to market them
  • Assess their impact on your business on a regular basis!


How ready are you to spot new opportunities and develop them as a new business?   Alternatively they may be able to integrate with  your existing business?  You would be amazed at what’s out their waiting for you!  Do let me know what you find and also what you think of my jewellery!

How are your New Year Resolutions?

Image result for chocolate


Did you make any new year resolutions for 2017?  I wonder how they are going and whether you have stuck to them?  Sadly, heartfelt decisions such as ‘I will never eat chocolate again’ though meant at the time, are often hard to keep.  When they are broken – often very early in January, the disappointment can cause negative feelings rather than creating positive vibes and can also lead to comfort eating of things like chocolate.


Therefore why not abandon new year resolutions and sit down and make some well thought out SMART goals.  What is a SMART goal?  It is a goal which is more likely to be achieved and is likely to create positive vibes!  SMART stands for :


S  Specific

M  Measurable

A  Achievable

R  Realistic

T  Timed


If the idea of not eating chocolate is turned into a SMART goal, it could become :  I will avoid chocolate during the week and eat no more than one bar of 85% bitter chocolate (85g) at the weekend,  starting from today.   If this goal is truly SMART it will be achievable and may even lead to a lifestyle change.


If you wanted to improve for financial situation, the statement I want more money, may not succeed.  However if you turn it in to a SMART goal it could become :   I am going to increase turnover to £X per month by making 10 calls to past clients each week starting from today.  This statement is far more likely to succeed.


Go on – have a go at creating SMART goals, which are achievable and immensely satisfying.  If you need any help to create SMART goals for 2017 let me know!



Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone – I hope you had a great time and took the opportunity to take a break from your business?


For many people this time of year is an ideal opportunity to grab a few minutes to spend ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ their business. Therefore grab a glass of wine and a mince pie and have a go at this short exercise :


1. What were your 3 main achievements during 2016?


2. What are the 3 main issues you have left from 2016?
Consider if they are still relevant and than what it would take to complete them.


3. What are the 3 major issues you face in 2017?


By answering these 3 questions honestly, you have created a valuable Things to Do List to get you started with developing your business for 2017? Let me know if you need any help to overcome the issues you have listed for 2017.

January 2017